The Unfortunate Fursey Valancourt 20th Century Classics

Valancourt Books - Hailed by critic E. Their task is made easier by the fact that one hapless monk, the simple-minded Brother Fursey, cannot manage to pronounce the necessary words of exorcism. Bleiler as a “landmark book in the history of fantasy, ” mervyn Wall’s classic The Unfortunate Fursey 1946 is set in 11th century Ireland, where the forces of evil have launched an assault on the monastery of Clonmacnoise.

When the other monks discover this, accompanied by a fantastic procession of cacodemons, the unfortunate Fursey is expelled and sets forth on the first stage of his travels, furies, hippogriffs, and other dreadful creatures, imps, not to mention the elegant gentleman in black who is their commander-in-chief.

The Unfortunate Fursey Valancourt 20th Century Classics - This edition includes an introduction by Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Michael Dirda. Wildly fantastic, intensely satirical, and wickedly comic” – Irish Times. F.

The Return of Fursey Valancourt 20th Century Classics

Valancourt Books - As with the best of charlie chaplin, or of Anton Chekhov or O’Casey, the laughter is very akin to high art. Robert hogan“for anyone who doesn’t know Fursey, this opportunity to do so is not to be missed. George o'brien, folks, dublin book review“the Unfortunate Fursey and The Return of Fursey are not quaint esoterica for the specialist, they are living masterpieces.

Along the way, a lovesick cow, and satan himself, he'll have to contend with bloodthirsty Vikings, an alcoholic wizard, a melancholy vampire, who is more determined than ever to get his hands on Fursey's soul. The return of fursey shows no lessening at all in Wall’s quality of imagination. They haven't dated slightly and are as fresh and as powerful as when they were first written.

The Return of Fursey Valancourt 20th Century Classics - Darrell schweitzer “the unfortunate fursey and its 1948 sequel,  The Return of Fursey, have been called the Irish equivalent to T. H. Henceforth I will serve Evil. If you enjoy the dry, saki, roald dahl, or Jack Vance and you should, ironic humour of John Collier, you will like Fursey. Michael dirda,  essays and Literary Entertainments  .

I’ll turn really wicked.

The Other Passenger Valancourt 20th Century Classics

Valancourt Books - The unusual ending is generally a surprise. As a scriptwriter for the bbc, john Keir Cross 1914-1967 adapted classic horror tales by masters like M. James, bram stoker, and Ambrose Bierce into chilling radio programs. Norris. It offers an original twist of horror that will leave its mark. Saturday review“among the annals of weird fiction one of the most sought after volumes.

Michael ashley, who’s who in Horror and Fantasy Fiction“Sustained atmosphere, versatile forms and dramatic effects. R. Haunting. Kirkus Reviews. And with the eighteen stories in his collection The Other Passenger 1944, Keir Cross demonstrates that he deserves a place alongside those authors as a writer of highly original and effective macabre tales.

The Other Passenger Valancourt 20th Century Classics - With a wide range of themes and styles, ranging from traditional ghost stories to contes cruels, and perhaps the best story about a ventriloquist and his dummy ever written, tales of dark fantasy and surreal nightmare, black humor, there are stories here to suit the tastes of any connoisseur of horror and weird fiction.

This first unabridged edition of Keir Cross’s landmark collection in over 70 years includes a new introduction by J. F.

The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories, Volume Two

Valancourt Books - Fifteen more chilling tales of yuletide terror, collected from rare Victorian periodicals Following the popularity of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol 1843, Victorian newspapers and magazines frequently featured ghost stories at Christmas time, and reading them by candlelight or the fireside became an annual tradition.

This volume also features a new introduction by Prof. A scorching pain shot through me, “the ghost of the treasure-chamber” “Again that shudder passed through his body, I uttered a shriek——” - Emily Arnold, and again he unwillingly met the glance of those diabolical eyes upon the scroll. Horror of horrors! was the face alive, or was he going mad?” - Anonymous, “The Weird Violin”.

The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories, Volume Two - They represent a mix of the diverse styles and themes common to Victorian ghost fiction and include works by once-popular authors like Grant Allen and Eliza Lynn Linton as well as contributions from anonymous or wholly forgotten writers. This second volume of Victorian Christmas ghost stories contains fifteen tales, most of which have never been reprinted.

At first i was aware only of a bluish, for suddenly i saw rise up out of the inky darkness the form of a man—the eyes of a hideous red, seized me, phosphorescent light, and then a ghastly terror, misty, that froze the very blood in my veins, fixed on mine with a look of hate . Coulson kernahan, a skeleton hand emerged from the heavy folds of the cloak, unable to stir a limb, “Haunted!” “As I stood in breathless horror, the figure raised its arm, and touched my elbow.

Whiskey Tales

Wakefield Press - Taking us from ship's prow to port, these early tales are ruled by the spirits of whiskey and fog, each element blurring the borders between humor and horror, the sentimental and the sinister, from tavern to dead-end lane, the real and the imagined. A handful of these stories first appeared in English in Weird Tales in the 1930s, but the majority of this collection has never been translated.

Lovecraft and Charles Dickens. Originally published in french in 1925, jean ray 1887–1964, whiskey Tales immediately established the reputation of the Belgian master of the weird, whose writings in the coming years would come to chart out a literary meeting ground between H. P. This first complete english-language edition is the first in many volumes of Jean Ray's books that Wakefield Press will be bringing out over the coming seasons.

Whiskey Tales - A commercial success, the collection earned Ray the appellation of the "Belgian Poe. A year later, however, the author would be arrested on charges of embezzlement and serve two years in prison, where he would write some of his best stories. Something of a prequel to later collections such as cruise of Shadows or Circles of Terror both forthcoming from Wakefield Press, Whiskey Tales finds Ray embracing the modes of adventure and horror fiction adopted by such contemporaries as Pierre Mac Orlan and Maurice Renard.

The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories

Valancourt Books - Readers whose only previous experience with victorian Christmas ghost stories has been Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” will be surprised and delighted at the astonishing variety of ghostly tales in this volume. In the sickly light I saw it lying on the bed, with its grim head on the pillow. Upon a face which wore the fixed features of a corpse were imprinted the traces of the vilest and most hideous passions which had animated her while she lived.

Walter scott, “the Tapestried Chamber”. The first-ever collection of victorian christmas ghost stories, culled from rare 19th-century periodicals During the Victorian era, it became traditional for publishers of newspapers and magazines to print ghost stories during the Christmas season for chilling winter reading by the fireside or candlelight.

The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories - Now for the first time thirteen of these tales are collected here, some well-known, including a wide range of stories from a diverse group of authors, others anonymous or forgotten. A man? or a corpse arisen from its unhallowed grave, and awaiting the demon that animated it?” - John Berwick Harwood, “Horror: A True Tale” “Suddenly I aroused with a start and as ghostly a thrill of horror as ever I remember to have felt in my life.

Something—what, something nameless, I knew not—seemed near, but unutterably awful. Ada buisson, “the ghost’s summons” “There was no longer any question what she was, or any thought of her being a living being.

The Travelling Grave and Other Stories Valancourt 20th Century Classics

Valancourt Books - This volume demonstrates hartley's versatility, ranging from traditional ghost stories like 'Feet Foremost' and 'The Cotillon' to the wonderfully black humour of the horror masterpieces 'The Travelling Grave' and 'The Killing Bottle'.  . Originally published in 1948 and long out of print, this collection features twelve of Hartley's best tales, presented in this edition with a new introduction by John Howard.

Hartley was also a master of supernatural and macabre fiction, the best of which is collected in The Travelling Grave and Other Stories. P. Though best known for his classic novel of Edwardian childhood The Go-Between, L.

Worse Things Waiting

Shadowridge Press - Originally published by the legendary imprint carcosa, worse things waiting gathers 28 stories and two poems, selected from over 100 stories—the cream of nearly a half-century of fiction taken from the pages of Weird Tales, Unknown, Strange Stories and many other Golden Age pulps. Bible” jaeger and his battles with diabolical evil in the Civil War south.

Also included are such classics as Where Angels Fear. Among those present, the liers in wait, come Into My Parlor, The Witch’s Cat, Dhoh, and many more. The very best of manly wade wellman, fully illustrated with over 30 ghoulish drawings by the legendary master of the macabre, Lee Brown Coye. Available again for the first time in 45 years, shadowridge press is proud to present Manly Wade Wellman’s WORSE THINGS WAITING, one of the cornerstone short story collections in the fantasy and horror genres.

Worse Things Waiting - Included are such classic tales as—The Undead Soldier- featuring the original ending that Weird Tales considered too horrific to publish. The devil is not mocked and the valley Was Still- adapted for TV on Night Gallery and The Twilight Zone respectively. School for the unspeakable and larroes Catch Meddlers- both adapted for the early TV's hair-raising classic, Lights Out.

Frogfather and sin’s doorway- two early stories that feature John the Balladeer, not included in Who Fears The Devil?Coven and Fearful Rock- Wellman’s two novelettes featuring Sgt.

The Devil's Rosary: The Complete Tales of Jules de Grandin, Volume Two

Night Shade - In de grandin there are familiar shades of both Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot, and alongside his assistant, Dr. P. Samuel trowbridge, de grandin's knack for solving mysteries—and his outbursts of peculiar French-isms grand Dieu!—captivated readers for nearly three decades.

Collected for the first time in trade editions, The Complete Tales of Jules de Grandin, edited by George Vanderburgh, presents all ninety-three published works featuring the supernatural detective. Howard, all regular contributors to the pulp magazine Weird Tales during the first half of the twentieth century, August Derleth, and Clark Ashton Smith, are recognizable even to casual readers of the bizarre and fantastic.

The Devil's Rosary: The Complete Tales of Jules de Grandin, Volume Two - The second of five volumes collecting the stories of Jules de Grandin, the supernatural detective made famous in the classic pulp magazine Weird Tales. Today the names of H. Jules de grandin, serial killers, and spirits from beyond the grave, often set in the small town of Harrisonville, investigated cases involving monsters, devil worshippers, New Jersey.

And yet despite being more popular than them all during the golden era of genre pulp fiction, there is another author whose name and work have fallen into obscurity: Seabury Quinn. Quinn's short stories were featured in well more than half of Weird Tales's original publication run. Lovecraft, Robert E.

Walt Kelly's Pogo the Complete Dell Comics: Volume Six

Hermes Press - Now fans of pogo can see it all from the beginning with Hermes Press’ reprint of the complete Dell Comics Pogo. It was here, in the four color world of comic books, that the feature and its characters grew and matured, ultimately becoming one of the world’s most famous comic strips. Noted comics historian thomas andrae observed that with Pogo, “Walt Kelly created a strip that is both poetic and graphically stunning as well as an important commentary on our times.

With hermes press’ complete reprint of dell Comics Pogo admirers of this groundbreaking comics feature can now witness the strip’s evolution, in an archival hardcover, digitally reconstructed to perfection. Following on the heels of hermes press’ critically acclaimed eisner nominated reprint of walt kelly’s pogo stories from animal comics, as well as in dell’s four color comics before getting its own title, first appeared not in newspapers but as a feature in the Dell comic book anthology Animal Comics, acknowledged as one of the most important and influential comic strips of all time, Four Color Comics, and Pogo Possum in Walt Kelly’s Pogo the Complete Dell Comics Volumes One and Two ― with Volume Five having been released in December 2017― this sixth volume finishes off the complete reprint with Pogo Parade! Walt Kelly’s Pogo, Pogo Possum in 1949.