The Immaculate Collection – The Vicar of Dibley

BBC Home Entertainment 3341389 - This collection contains every episode ever created of this brilliant comedy series, and it promises to warm your heart, while keeping you in fits of hysteria along the way!> Shrink-wrapped. Vicar of dibley, the: the immaculate collection dvdthe winner of an International EmmyR Award for Best Comedy Program, The Vicar of Dibley is one of the most popular series ever produced by the BBC.

. It boasts the brilliant comic writing of richard Curtis Love Actually, Bridget Jones's Diary and a gifted ensemble cast led by Dawn French of the hilarious comedy duo, French and Saunders. The sleepy village of dibley was blindsided back in 1994 by the arrival of its new vicar -- who had the audacity to be a woman! Over the twelve ensuing years -- with the help of a sharp wit, a double dose of double entendre and a healthy supply of chocolate -- she gradually won the hearts of even the crustiest of the town's eccentric inhabitants.

The Vicar of Dibley - 10th Anniversary Specials

BBC Home Entertainment 2262170 - It isn't long before the entire village believes that gerry is not only one of the first female vicars in England, Gerry is determined to mark the 20th anniversary of Live Aid, but also one of the first lesbian vicars! In the New Years special, but the villagers are determined to give her a birthday present she'll never forget - a blind date with one of them!> Factory sealed DVD.

Vicar of dibley, the: 10th anniversary specials DVDThe holidays are usually an eventful time for the eccentric residents of Dibley and their chocoholic female vicar, Geraldine. This year proves to be no exception. Alice gets "the wrong end of a very, very long stick" when she spots a supermodel in her undies in the vicarage.

Keeping Up Appearances: Collector's Edition

BBC Home Entertainment - As hyacinth would say, “get it before the neighbors do!” Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Climbing the social ladder takes you to hilarious new heights in the company of Hyacinth Bucket pronounced “bouquet”. Pandemonium breaks out no matter how meticulously Hyacinth plans her social events. With more laughs than ever before, this new collectors edition is the ultimate anthology for fans of Hyacinth.

Enjoy every episode of this perennial hit, now remastered with picture quality as colorful as a fresh picked bouquet.

Are You Being Served? The Complete Collection by BBC Home Entertainment by Various

BBC Home Entertainment - For the first time, all 69 episodes of this classic Britcom have been gathered together in one deluxe collection. Also included are two bonus discs containing over five hours of extra material!" Factory sealed DVD. There's plenty of laughter in store when an unbelievably quirky contingent of sales clerks makes shopping at Grace Brothers the comic experience of a lifetime.

Shrink-wrapped. Each episode is presented uncut and has been lovingly restored.

As Time Goes By: Complete Original Series DVD

BBC Home Entertainment 2262161 - Forty years later, fate brings them together again. Shrink-wrapped. Then he was shipped off to Korea and they never heard from one another. From the first moment jean and Lionel meet again to the wedding of Alistair and Judith, all the classic moments are here for fans to enjoy. Factory sealed DVD. As time goes by: complete original series DVDOnce upon a time, a dashing young British Army officer and a lovely student nurse fell deeply, magically in love.

With hilarious results. Region 1.

Fawlty Towers: The Complete Collection Remastered

BBC Home Entertainment 5820550 - Basil fawlty is a much put-upon, hotel inspectors, hard-working hotel manager whose life is plagued by dead guests, and riff-raff. Together they run their hotel, with a little help from the unflappable Polly and the trainee waiter from Barcelona with marginally more intelligence than a monkey, Fawlty Towers, Manuel.

Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Fawlty towers remastered special edition dvdcoming to special edition dvd for the first time, john cleese embarked on his now-legendary sitcom, creating one of the most memorable and best loved characters in all of British comedy, Fawlty Towers, it’s the complete Fawlty Towers collection with all-new commentary from John Cleese! Hot off the runaway success of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Basil Fawlty.

Fawlty Towers: The Complete Collection Remastered - Of course his biggest headache is his “little nest of vipers, ” his nagging wife Sibyl. Shrink-wrapped. Region 1.

Reunion Specials - As Time Goes By

PBS 5821913 - But will jeans dream of becoming a grandmother come true when Sandy and her husband Harry return from Canada? Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Region 1. The lyrically funny romance of jean and lionel continues in the Reunion Specials as Jean Pargetters Dame Judi Dench great anticipation for grandchildren is revealed much to husband Lionels Geoffrey Palmer dismay.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. With son-in-law alistair and daughter Judy having problems things dont look too promising.

The Vicar of Dibley - A Holy Wholly Happy Ending

BBC Home Entertainment 3341382 - Could he be the one? or is it gerry's destiny to end up heartbroken in another 6-foot deep puddle? The Vicar in White - After presiding over the marriages of hundreds of other people, it appears Gerry's big day has finally arrived. Region 1. Bbc video. The handsome stranger - gerry is fed up with all the "townies" buying weekend cottages in Dibley -- that is, until she meet one particularly charming newcomer.

It boasts the brilliant comic writing of richard curtis Love Actually, Bridget Jones's Diary and a gifted ensemble cast including Emma Chambers Notting Hill and Richard Armitage BBC's Robin Hood. Shrink-wrapped. Dvd. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Appearances can be deceptive, however, especially when the eccentric residents of Dibley are doing the planning!> Factory sealed DVD.

The Vicar of Dibley - A Holy Wholly Happy Ending - Vicar of dibley, the: a holy wholly happy ending dvddawn French dons her cassock and collar once more for two very special episodes of The Vicar of Dibley, one of the BBC's mo popular comedies.

French & Saunders Collection

BBC Home Entertainment - Bbc video. Dvd. Factory sealed DVD. Region 1. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. French & saunders collection DVD 2005> Factory sealed DVD.

To the Manor Born: The Complete Collection Silver Anniversary Edition

BBC Home Entertainment 4097111 - Audrey is annoyed at her new position on the estate, and she is forced to move, with butler, to the Manor lodge. Reluctantly, she sees it auctioned to Richard De Vere formerly Bedrich Polouvicka, a millionaire bachelor of Czechoslovakian extraction who runs a multinational grocery business. To the manor born: the complete series - silver anniversary Edition DVDAs beneficiary of Grantleigh Manor, the snobbish Lady fforbes-Hamilton becomes a happy widower upon the death of her husband.

With his mother he wastes no time in moving into the Manor. Shrink-wrapped. Dvd. Devere represents everything Audrey regards as bad taste. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. But in the face of her late husband's creditors, bank, and the government, she can no longer afford to maintain the family's hold on the estate.

To the Manor Born: The Complete Collection Silver Anniversary Edition - Shrink-wrapped. Region 1. Their differences of background, breeding and behavior are at once infuriating and endearing. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD.

Good Neighbors: The Complete Series 1-3 DVD

BBC Home Entertainment 2262105 - Shrink-wrapped. Dvd. This series, enjoyed such popularity the queen requested a viewing, known as The Good Life in the UK, and as recently as this year it was listed as one of the top ten British sitcoms of all time. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Good neighbors: the complete series 1-3 dvdon Tom Good's fortieth birthday, he decides to escape the rat race for a life of self-sufficiency with his wife, Barbara.

Bbc video. Shrink-wrapped. Region 1. Shrink-wrapped. Soon they're plowing a field in their suburban yard and tending a goat and pigs, much to the dismay of their upwardly mobile neighbors and friends the Leadbetters. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD.