Lost Joseph O’Loughlin

Mulholland Books - Detective inspector Vincent Ruiz doesn't know who wants him dead. A photo of missing child Mickey Carlyle is found in his pocket--but Carlyle's killer is already in jail. And ruiz is the detective who put him there. Accused of faking amnesia, Ruiz reaches out to psychologist Joe O'Loughlin to help him unearth his memory and clear his name.

As ruiz's memories begin to resurface, they offer tantalizing glimpses at a shocking discovery. Mulholland Books. Together they battle against an internal affairs investigator convinced Ruiz is hiding the truth, and a ruthless criminal who claims Ruiz has something of his that can't be replaced. He has no recollection of the firefight that landed him in the Thames, covered in his own blood and that of at least two other people.

Shatter Joseph O'Loughlin

Mulholland Books - With pitch-perfect dialogue, believable characters, and astonishingly unpredictable plot twists, Shatter is guaranteed to keep even the most avid thriller readers riveted long into the night. Joe is haunted by his failure to save the woman, until her teenage daughter finds him and reveals that her mother would never have committed suicide-not like that.

. She was terrified of heights. What could have driven her to commit such a desperate act? Whose voice? What evil?Having devoted his career to repairing damaged minds, Joe must now confront an adversary who tears them apart. In "the most suspenseful book i read all year" Stephen King, a psychologist faces off against a killer who destroys his victims from the inside out.

Shatter Joseph O'Loughlin - Joe o'loughlin is in familiar territory-standing on a bridge high above a flooded gorge, trying to stop a distraught woman from jumping. You don't understand, " she whispers, and lets go.

The Suspect Joseph O'Loughlin

Mulholland Books - The psychological thriller that marked the debut of one of contemporary suspense fiction's most compelling heroes: "A gripping first novel. Taut and fast-moving. Washington postrenowned psychologist Joseph O'Loughlin has it all -- a thriving practice, beautiful, a devoted, fiercely intelligent wife, and a lovely young daughter.

But when he's diagnosed with parkinson's, O'Loughlin begins to dread the way his exceptional mind has been shackled to a failing body, and the cracks in his perfect existence start to show. At first, o'loughlin is delighted to be called in to a high-profile murder investigation, hoping his extraordinary abilities at perception will help bring a killer to justice.

The Suspect Joseph O'Loughlin - But when o'loughlin recognizes the victim as one of his former patients, an emotionally disturbed young woman who nearly brought ruin upon him, O'Loughlin hesitates -- a fateful decision that soon places O'Loughlin at the top of the lists of both a bullish detective, and a diabolical killer.

Bleed for Me Joseph O'Loughlin

Mulholland Books - The police find a major piece of the puzzle at Sienna's house: her father, a retired cop, murdered. Tests confirm that it's Mr. Is she the victim of a crime? or the perpetrator? when sienna Hegarty, comes to Joe O'Loughlin's door terrorized, incoherent, and covered in blood, a troubled friend of his daughter, he vows to unearth the dark secrets her mind has buried.

It may be something in her mind. She's standing at the front door. Herharty's blood on Sienna. She says she remembers nothing. Investigators take aim at Sienna. Covered in blood. Or it may be something real. Someone real. Someone capable of the most grim and gruesome murder, and willing to kill again if anyone gets too close.

Bleed for Me Joseph O'Loughlin - Mulholland Books. O'loughlin senses something different is happening, something subterranean and terrifying to Sienna.

Say You're Sorry Joseph O'Loughlin

Mulholland Books - The page-turning thriller selected by Stephen King as one of the year's best books: "Never-lets-up suspense and beautiful writing. When pretty and popular teenagers Piper Hadley and Tash McBain disappear one Sunday morning, the investigation captivates a nation but the girls are never found. Three years later, during the worst blizzard in a century, a husband and wife are brutally killed in the farmhouse where Tash McBain once lived.

Mulholland Books. A suspect is in custody, a troubled young man who can hear voices and claims that he saw a girl that night being chased by a snowman. Convinced that piper or tash might still be alive, clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin and ex-cop Vincent Ruiz, persuade the police to re-open the investigation.

Say You're Sorry Joseph O'Loughlin - But they are racing against time to save the girls from someone with an evil, calculating and twisted mind.

Watching You Joseph O'Loughlin

Mulholland Books - The breakthrough in marnie's therapy and daniel's disappearance arrives when Marnie shares with O'Loughlin her discovery of the Big Red Book, a collage of pictures, interviews, and anecdotes from Marnie's friends and relatives that Daniel had been compiling as part of a surprise birthday gift. Daniel's explorations into marnie's past led him to a shocking revelation on the eve of his disappearance: Anyone who has ever gotten close to Marnie has paid an exacting price.

Mulholland Books. Her husband daniel has inexplicably vanished, and the police have no leads in the case. A cold-blooded killer is eliminating the people in Marnie's life, and now that O'Laughlin is a part of it, he is next in line. Depressed and increasingly desperate, she seeks the help of clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin.

Watching You Joseph O'Loughlin - O'loughlin is concerned by marnie's reluctance to talk about the past and anxious to uncover what Marnie is withholding that could help with her treatment. Mulholland Books. Without proof of death or evidence of foul play, she can't access his bank accounts or his life insurance. New york times bestselling author Michael Robotham brings us face-to-face with a manipulative psychopath who has destroyed countless lives and is about to claim one final victim.

Marnie logan often feels like she's being watched: a warm breath on the back of her neck, or a shadow in the corner of her eye that vanishes when she turns her head.

The Wreckage: A Thriller Joseph O'Loughlin

Mulholland Books - Mulholland Books. The high-octane thriller hailed by david Baldacci as "chilling and suspenseful" and by Nelson Demille as "one of the best novels to come out of the chaos in Iraq. Billions of dollars are missing from Iraqi banks, and journalist Luca Terracini will risk everything to discover where it is.

As luca gets closer, his actions begin to reverberate around the world. As usual, and who's ultimately going to pay, it's all about the money: who has it, who's lost it, as clandestine agents emerge from the shadows and powerful nations seek to control information and bury secrets, no matter the cost. His iraqi-american background has made it easier for him to infiltrate the darkest corners of the war, but death of his beloved Nicola in a suicide bombing has made him reckless.

The Wreckage: A Thriller Joseph O'Loughlin - In pursuit of the money, he meets UN representative Daniela Garner, who seems to know more about the heist than anyone. Mulholland Books.

Close Your Eyes Joseph O'Loughlin

Mulholland Books - Now hunting a brash and merciless criminal, Joe's fate and that of those closest to him become dangerously intertwined until he must risk everything to save what remains. 1 international bestseller"Close Your Eyes: the best Michael Robotham novel yet. Now, he must stop a ruthless and brash criminal who has graduated to murder.

Mulholland Books. When a former student, " jeopardizes the police inquiry by leaking details to the media and stirring up public anger, calling himself "the Mindhunter, Joe has no choice but to intervene. He discovers a link between the farmhouse murders and a series of vicious attacks in which the victims are choked unconscious and brutally scarred.

Close Your Eyes Joseph O'Loughlin - . A mother and her teenage daughter are found murdered, one defiled by multiple stab wounds and the other posed like Sleeping Beauty awaiting her prince. Once i reached the last 100 pages, it really was impossible to put down. Stephen kingin this new thriller from the 2016 Edgar Award nominee, clinical psychologist Joseph O'Loughlin steps in to face a ruthless killer.

Mulholland Books. Mulholland.

Life or Death: A Novel

Mulholland Books - During that time he has suffered repeated beatings, all desperate to answer the same question: where's the money? On the day before Audie is due to be released, stabbings and threats by inmates and guards, he suddenly vanishes. Mulholland Books. Why would a man serving a long prison sentence escape the day before he's due to be released? Audie Palmer has spent ten years in a Texas prison after pleading guilty to a robbery in which four people died and seven million dollars went missing.

Mulholland. Mulholland Books. Instead, he's trying to save someone else's. Michael robotham has created the ultimate underdog hero, an honorable criminal shrouded in mystery and ready to lead readers on a remarkable chase. Now everybody is searching for him - the police, FBI, gangsters and other powerful figures - but Audie isn't running to save his own life.

Life or Death: A Novel - Mulholland Books.

The Other Wife

Sphere - Mulholland Books. Both have a strong sense of right and wrong. This is what their son, Joe O'Loughlin, has always believed. Robotham is an absolute master' Stephen King on Life or Death Mulholland Books. Childhood sweethearts William and Mary have been married for sixty years. Mulholland. A terrific read' guardian'A nerve-shredding thriller with the heart and soul so often missing from lesser crime and suspense novels.

Mulholland Books. William is a celebrated surgeon, Mary a devoted wife. Who is the strange woman crying at william's bedside, a fantasist or a killer?Against the advice of the police, a mistress, covered in his blood - a friend, Joe launches his own investigation. But when joe is summoned to the hospital with news that his father has been brutally attacked, his world is turned upside down.

The Other Wife - I couldn't stop reading, yet I didn't want Audie's story to end. As he learns more, he discovers sides to his father he never knew - and is forcibly reminded that the truth comes at a price. A mesmerizing psychological thriller from one of the greatest crime writers of today, Michael Robotham, the international bestselling author of THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS.

Praise for michael robotham's writing:'will have you turning the pages compulsively' The Times'Robotham doesn't just make me scared for his characters, he makes my heart ache for them' Linwood Barclay'Superbly exciting.

The Night Ferry

Sphere - Mulholland Books. Mulholland Books. Night ferry Mulholland Books. Sphere Books. Mulholland.