Gotta Be Me

CoJo Music - And when he takes the stage, there's a Garth-like conviction to his performances. The other parts are easily found in his music. In the first minute alone, raised on outlaw country, Johnson paints himself as a cowboy, who drinks too much, fights too much and won't apologize for having an opinion. Johnson inhabits the songs, recreates their emotions.

2016 album from the country singer/songwriter. Produced by trent willmon, Gotta Be Me is loaded with solid country instrumentation and winsome melodies. He's a rising star whose performances and staggering ticket sales have turned heads from Nashville to NY and LA. By the time the 14-track journey is over, he's shared his rodeo history in "The Only One I Know Cowboy Like, " demonstrated his woman's influence in "With You I Am" and paid homage to his gospel heritage in "I Can't Even Walk.

Gotta Be Me - Johnson delivers it all with a powerful, smoky baritone and an uncanny confidence. That's about it. The hard-workin' part is key. It's intense, focused, sincere. When describing himself, hard-workin', cowboy from Texas, Johnson said, lovin', "I'm a God-fearin', fightin', beer-drinkin', " he grins. In today's country landscape, he is authentic, he stands out as unique, and fans cannot get enough of him.

Ain't Nothin' To It

Warner Music Nashville - Music fans who are just now coming to the table will get a quick understanding of Johnson, from the rowdy troublemaker in the swampy “Doubt Me Now” to the devoted family man in the title track to the self-penned ex-bull rider in “Dear Rodeo” to the devoted Christian in “His Name Is Jesus. Johnson wears his musical influences on his sleeve – referencing george strait in “When Cowboys Were King, ” Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw in “Y’all People” and Johnny Cash, Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen in “Monday Morning Merle.

Two choice covers further meld his personality with his musical taste. Shrink-wrapped. But johnson’s version is filtered through the grizzly tone of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr. Husbands and wives, is johnson’s way of tipping a hat to one of country’s ultimate songwriters, ” a song that recognizes the day-to-day difficulties of holding a marriage together, the late Roger Miller.

Ain't Nothin' To It - Johnson’s introductory warner project, Ain’t Nothin’ to It, ups the ante. A-list writers – including chris stapleton, radney Foster and Brothers Osborne guitarist John Osborne – came to the table with songs that suited Johnson’s life and disposition. After writing the bulk of his previous material, he put out word in Nashville that he was open to songs from other sources, and the results were astonishing.

. And brantley Gilbert.

Cowboy Like Me

Cojo Music - It's decidedly country, but decidedly not dated. The project showcases subtly clever songwriting from a driven DIY guy with a keen melodic sense. Johnson owes a stylistic debt to such '90s stars as Garth Brooks and Mark Chestnut, but there's still a current commercialism about the new album. In the current radio climate, Johnson could be an ideal stylistic counterbalance who's both familiar and refreshing.

. Shrink-wrapped.

Late Nights And Longnecks

Valory - Shrink-wrapped.

The Underdog

BIG LABEL RECORDS - Shrink-wrapped. Aaron watson - the underdOG - CD Shrink-wrapped.

I'm Not The Devil

CODY JINKS MUSIC - Cody jinks- i'm Not The Devil. Shrink-wrapped. Cd shrink-wrapped.

This One's for You Too Deluxe Edition

Sony Music Nashville - Shrink-wrapped. Cody jinks- i'm Not The Devil. Deluxe album includes 5 new tracks including "She's Got The Best Of Me!" Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

If I Know Me

BIG LOUD RECORDS - The tennessee native has co-penned hits for Jason Aldean, Kane Brown, A Thousand Horses and Dustin Lynch. Shrink-wrapped. Wallen has burst onto the scene as a dynamite solo artist and in-demand songwriter. Shrink-wrapped. His debut album if i know me was named one of Taste of Country's Top 10 Country Albums of 2018.

Shrink-wrapped. Cody jinks- i'm Not The Devil. 2019 release. With over 743 million streams to his credit, chosen as a musicrow2019 next big thing artist, wallen was spotlighted in CMT's Listen Up "18 for 2018" class of newcomers, named a 2018 Taste of Country Riser and has toured with some of country's brightest stars Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Chris Lane and Jake Owen.

If I Know Me - Breakout hitmaker Morgan Wallen isn't wasting any time leaving his mark on country music.


Rounder - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. With over 225, millions of streams, and hundreds of sell-out live performances nationwide, 000 physical albums sold, Cody Jinks’ highly anticipated new album, Lifers, marks his debut for Rounder Records and the next chapter in a book of grass-roots country music superstardom.

Cody jinks- Lifers. In the two years since he released his last album, which made its impressive debut on the Billboard Country Albums chart at #4, Jinks and his band have relentlessly toured and cultivated an immense and loyal following among enthusiastic music fans who crave the kind of authentic country music on which he was nurtured.

Lifers - Cody jinks- i'm Not The Devil. The title track and theme of the album celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and pays tribute to the often overlooked “lifers, the struggling strivers, working long after the day is done…the last of the great generation. Shrink-wrapped.


BIG LABEL RECORDS - Longtime fans of watson’s modern yet traditional country sound are sure to instantly connect with this latest project. Much like his breakthrough record, 2015’s No. Shrink-wrapped. Cody jinks- i'm Not The Devil. 1 hit the underdog, watson promises a collection of music focused around life, love and family.

Vaquero features sixteen new songs co-written by Aaron Watson, Leslie Satcher, along with Mac McAnally, Kendell Marvel and more. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. New tracks include “mariano’s dream, ” nostalgic ode “they don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To” and “Diamonds & Daughters, ” a sweet tribute to his own daughter.

Vaquero - Cody jinks- Lifers. Shrink-wrapped.

Adobe Sessions

CODY JINKS MUSIC - Cd shrink-wrapped. Cody jinks- Lifers. Cody jinks- Adobe Sessions. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Cody jinks- i'm Not The Devil. Shrink-wrapped.