Deadliest Prey

Olive Films DVD - It's obvious that Hogan is also a slow learner. Marine who learned to be "all that he could be" in 'nam? the action and kills are amped up in The Deadliest Prey co-starring Fritz Matthews Deadly Prey, Born Killer and Cat Tomeny Flesh Wounds, Enemies Among Us. Prior's Deadly Prey. Will mike danton ted prior, deadly prey, relentless justice ever learn to let someone else take out the garbage? Kidnapped from in front of his home while emptying the trash, Danton finds himself back in familiar territory as prey in Hogan's twisted game of cat & mouse.

When will he understand not to mess with Danton, a U. S. Sadist, and a damn fine solider, colonel hogan david Campbell, psychopath, Deadly Prey, Relentless Justice and his merry band of mercenaries are back for more in the sequel to writer/director David A.

Deadly Prey

Olive Films DVD - Thugs in a black van jump a mercenary and force him to be a mad colonel's target for war games in the woods.

Samurai Cop

Guilty Pleasures -

Explosive Cinema

Mill Creek Ent - Starring: kevin casey, eric tomlin terror in the jungle 1968 / 84 mins / Color / Not RatedA plane flying over the Amazon crashes into the untamed jungle, killing everyone on board except for a young boy who was traveling alone to visit his mother. Starring: robert Burns, Jimmy Angle Jr. Joan addistop cop 1990 / 84 mins / color / not ratedA city finds it is in the grips of a ruthless drug kingpin with little hope of any respite.

Starring: Stephen P. Starring: richard roundtree, leo fong, cameron mitchelllow blow 1986 / 90 Mins / Color / R A private investigator is hired by a rich businessman to track down his missing daughter and return her home. Starring: cameron mitchell, leo fong, troy donahuenine deaths of the ninja 1985 / 94 Mins / Color / RA busload of American tourists is taken hostage in the Philippines by a gang of drug trafficking terrorists who demand the release of one of their comrades from prison.

Explosive Cinema - 1979 / 93 mins / color / ra small-town youth listens to all the stories about the fun and excitement of cruising Van Nuys Boulevard and decides it's time to experience it for himself. Starring: bill adler, Cynthia Wood, Dennis Factory sealed DVD. Sides, len SchlientzVan Nuys Blvd. Starring: sho kosugi, brent huff the patriot 1986 / color / 88 Mins / R A bitter ex-Navy SEAL finds he is the only thing between a group of international terrorists and world destruction.

Starring: gregg henry, leslie nielsenscorpion 1986 / 98 mins / Color / RA top counter-intelligence agent thwarts a hijacking and is assigned to protect one of the terrorists who plans to turn over evidence for a plea bargain.