A Pocket Guide to Writing in History

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After the Fact: The Art of Historical Detection

McGraw-Hill Education - For more than twenty-five years, After the Fact has guided students through American history and the methods used to study it. Whether for an introductory survey or for a historical methods course, After the Fact is the ideal text to introduce readers, step by step, to the detective work and analytical approaches historians use when they are actually doing history.

In dramatic episodes that move chronologically through American history, this best-selling book examines a broad variety of topics including oral evidence, photographs, census data, films and television programs, ecological data, church and town records, and novels.

The Return of Martin Guerre

Harvard University Press - The astonishing case captured the imagination of the continent. Harvard University Press. We learn what happens when common people get involved in the workings of the criminal courts in the ancien régime, and how judges struggle to decide who a man was in the days before fingerprints and photographs. We sense the secret affinity between the eloquent men of law and the honey-tongued village impostor, a rare identification across class lines.

Deftly written to please both the general public and specialists, The Return of Martin Guerre will interest those who want to know more about ordinary families and especially women of the past, and about the creation of literary legends. The clever peasant arnaud du tilh had almost persuaded the learned judges at the Parlement of Toulouse when, property, denounced Arnaud, a man swaggered into the court on a wooden leg, and reestablished his claim to the identity, on a summer’s day in 1560, and wife of Martin Guerre.

Told and retold over the centuries, the story of Martin Guerre became a legend, still remembered in the Pyrenean village where the impostor was executed more than 400 years ago. Now a noted historian, poets, and why lawyers, an honorable peasant woman, has searched archives and lawbooks to add new dimensions to a tale already abundant in mysteries: we are led to ponder how a common man could become an impostor in the sixteenth century, would accept such a man as her husband, who served as consultant for a new French film on Martin Guerre, why Bertrande de Rols, and men of letters like Montaigne became so fascinated with the episode.

The Return of Martin Guerre - Natalie zemon davis reconstructs the lives of ordinary people, in a sparkling way that reveals the hidden attachments and sensibilities of nonliterate sixteenth-century villagers. It is also a remarkable psychological narrative about where self-fashioning stops and lying begins. Here we see men and women trying to fashion their identities within a world of traditional ideas about property and family and of changing ideas about religion.

America's History, Volume II

Bedford/St. Martin's - Help your students think historicallyKnown for its interpretive voice and thoughtful analysis, America's History models exactly the kind of thinking and writing students need to be successful. It's the best content joined up with the best technology. The eighth edition rolls out Bedford/St. Easy to integrate into your campus lms, additional primary sources, and more, a wealth of adaptive and summative quizzing, and featuring video, LaunchPad cements student understanding of the text while helping them make progress toward learning outcomes.

An accessible and balanced narrative with built-in primary sources and skills-based pedagogy gives students practice in thinking historically, and features new ways of mastering the content so that students come to class prepared. Harvard University Press. Martin's new digital history tools, an adaptive quizzing engine that garners over a 90% student satisfaction rate, including LearningCurve, and LaunchPad, the all new interactive e-book and course space that puts high quality easy-to-use assessment at your fingertips.

Going to the Sources: A Guide to Historical Research and Writing, 5th Edition: A Guide to Historical Research and Writing, 5th Edition

Wiley-Blackwell - Focuses on the basics of historians’ craft, introducing students to concepts including refining a topic, and engaging critically with their reading Appendices illustrate style for footnotes, endnotes, as well as a list of commonly used abbreviations Features a new chapter on the use of non-textual sources for historians, and bibliographical entries, selecting sources, including a case study discussion of the historical importance of D.

Wiley-Blackwell. W. Griffith’s film the birth of a nation addresses how to bring the critical assessment skills of reading to bear on film and other non-textual sources Includes a student-written historiographical essay, with marginal notes for instruction Harvard University Press. The updated fifth edition of Going to the Sources presents a practical guide to historical research and writing for all students of history.

Voices of Freedom: A Documentary History Fifth Edition Vol. 1

W. W. Norton & Company - Harvard University Press. Survey texts, and has been fully updated to match the Fifth Edition. Wiley-Blackwell. The organization of this compact, unintimidating collection of primary source documents mirrors that of the enormously successful Give Me Liberty! family of U. S. Affordable and an exceptional value when packaged with Give Me Liberty!, Voices of Freedom is now available for the first time in an alternative ebook format.

The best-selling companion reader to the Give Me Liberty! family of books. Voices of freedom: a documentary History is the only reader with a thematic focus on American freedom in its many dimensions.

Give Me Liberty!: An American History Seagull Fifth Edition Vol. 1

W. W. Norton & Company - The best-selling Seagull Edition is also available in full color for the first time. Harvard University Press. A single-author text by a leader in the field, accessible, concise, Give Me Liberty! delivers an authoritative, and integrated American history. Survey course. Give me liberty! is the #1 book in the U.

S. Updated with powerful new scholarship on borderlands and the West, the Fifth Edition brings new interactive History Skills Tutorials and Norton InQuizitive for History, the award-winning adaptive quizzing tool. History survey course because it works in the classroom. Wiley-Blackwell. The leading text in the U.

From Herodotus to H-Net: The Story of Historiography

Oxford University Press - Harvard University Press. From herodotus to h-net: the story of historiography offers a concise yet comprehensive and up-to-date account of the many ways in which history has been studied and recounted, from the ancient world to the new universe of the Internet. It shows how the same issues that historians debate today were already recognized in past centuries, and how the efforts of historians in the past remain relevant today.

Oxford Univ Pr. Balanced and fair-minded, the book covers the development of modern academic scholarship, but also helps students appreciate the contributions of popular historians and public history. Wiley-Blackwell.

The Landscape of History: How Historians Map the Past

Oxford University Press - Carr, a startling challenge to social scientists, the landscape of History is at once an engaging introduction to the historical method for beginners, a powerful reaffirmation of it for practitioners, and an effective skewering of post-modernist claims that we can't know anything at all about the past.

So who's really being scientific and who isn't? This question too is one Gaddis explores, in ways that are certain to spark interdisciplinary controversy. Written in the tradition of Marc Bloch and E. H. Harvard University Press. Oxford university Press USA. The landscape of history provides a searching look at the historian's craft, as well as a strong argument for why a historical consciousness should matter to us today.

The Landscape of History: How Historians Map the Past - Gaddis points out that while the historical method is more sophisticated than most historians realize, it doesn't require unintelligible prose to explain. In doing so, paleontologists, geologists, they combine the techniques of artists, and evolutionary biologists. It will be essential reading for anyone who reads, writes, teaches, or cares about history.

Wiley-Blackwell. Oxford Univ Pr.

History: A Very Short Introduction

Oxford University Press - Every very short introduction gives a readable evolution of the subject in question, demonstrating how the subject has developed and how it has influenced society. Not simply a textbook of definitions, each volume in this series provides trenchant and provocative--yet always balanced and complete--discussions of the central issues in a given discipline or field.

. This is a book that will appeal to all students and general readers with an interest in history or historiography. About the series:oxford's very short introductions series offers concise and original introductions to a wide range of subjects--from Islam to Sociology, Politics to Classics, Literary Theory to History, and Archaeology to the Bible.

History: A Very Short Introduction - Eventually, the series will encompass every major academic discipline, offering all students an accessible and abundant reference library. John arnold's addition to oxford's popular Very Short Introductions series is a stimulating essay about how people study and understand history. Such key concepts as causation, interpretation, and periodization are introduced by way of concrete examples of how historians work, thus giving the reader a sense of the excitement implicit in discovering the past--and ourselves.

The aim throughout history: a very short Introduction is to discuss theories of history in a general, pithy, and accessible manner, rather than delve into specific periods. Wiley-Blackwell. The book begins by inviting us to think about various questions provoked by our investigation of history, and then explores the ways in which these questions have been answered in the past.

Oxford Univ Pr.

America's Longest War: The United States and Vietnam, 1950-1975 with Poster 4th Edition

McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages - Oxford University Press. Oxford university Press USA. It is not mainly a military history, diplomatic, but seeks to integrate military, and political factors in order to clarify America’s involvement and ultimate failure in Vietnam. Harvard University Press. Comprehensive yet concise, America’s Longest War provides a complete and balanced history of the Vietnam War.

. While it focuses on the american side of the equation, it provides sufficient consideration of the Vietnamese side to make the events comprehensible. Oxford Univ Pr. Wiley-Blackwell.